HSE Business Talk: Discussions About Business with Industry Experts
Dhaka 7 April 2021:
HSE University is a leader in Russian education and one of the preeminent economics and social sciences universities in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. One of the top universities in Russia, HSE is as well ranked among the best and most prestigious universities worldwide.It is the first educational institution in Russia to introduce a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and it continues to expand its education and status.
HSEUniversity attracts more and more people worldwidethanks to its projects.One suchproject is the ‘Inspired by Your Bright Future: HSE Business Talk’, a series of public discussions with industry experts about business, entrepreneurship, investments and new technologies. The unique project aims to educate students, young professionals and all those involved in creating or running businesses.
Among the speakers are industry experts, to name a few:
• Aleksey A. Maslov, a professor of the School of Asian Studies at HSE University, Acting Director of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and member of the Board of the Russian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Trade in Machinery and Technical and Innovative Equipment;
• Maxim Jäger, a CFA, customer success manager for Desktop Trading Solutions at Refinitiv, Germany & Switzerland, as well as a lecturer at the International School of Management (ISM) in Munich;
• Andrey Chuprygin, a senior lecturer of the School of Asian Studies at HSE University and member of the Association of Arabists of Russia and many more.
HSE Business Talk is an online project accessible to everyone without any fee all around the globe. The speakers cover many topics, which vary from COVID’s effect on the market to Islamic Transitional Business.
Whether you are interested in pursuing business as a career or simply want to expand your knowledge level, the project will not disappoint you; instead, it will add to your market value.
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