FM developing data-driven intelligent architecture for better service globaly : Masud Bin Momen

FM developing data-driven intelligent architecture for better service globaly : Masud Bin Momen
FM developing data-driven intelligent architecture for better service globaly : Masud Bin Momen
Dhaka July 20 2022 :
Foreign Secretary (Senior Secretary) Ambassador Masud Bin Momen has said that Foreign Ministry is creating a data-driven intelligent architecture for better and faster service across the globe.
He made this remark while addressing a town hall meeting on Innovation & E-Governance in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 19 2022.
Foreign Secretary highlighted several initiatives taken by the Ministry: securing the access of E-Nothi and D-Nothi for the Ministry and Bangladesh Missions abroad, introducing ibas++ in 20 Bangladesh Missions Abroad in the FY 2021-22, building Digital Archive system for the Ministry, introducing GRP in the Headquarters and all Bangladesh Missions abroad, and hosting “MoFA Telegram Series” for disseminating ideas on innovation, entrepreneurship and administration. He shared the present and future initiatives of his Ministry. He said that identical websites were launched on 07 July 2022 across all Bangladesh Missions.
Now the website of the Ministry and all the Bangladesh Missions Abroad have the same outlay customised to the unique needs of the mission. The Ministry successfully digitalised 34 Consular services and 28 internal services with the help of MyGov team from the a2i.
Foreign Secretary also mentioned that the Ministry is working on building a Neural Network for ensuring Data Driven Mechanism, setting up an innovation lab, creating a trade portal for promoting domestic products and services, securing stronger remittances, creating a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, networking for technical expertise, setting up a call centre and introducing Artificial Intelligence for data analysis. He also spoke on market expansion for Bangladeshi products, communal harmony, human trafficking, public private partnership, and refugee issues.
He emphasised on a more active role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with the new challenges of the changing world (such as Ukraine crisis, energy crisis, Covid pandemic etc.) and stressed on the need for partnerships with other public and private institutions.
The Foreign Secretary expressed hope that there is no reason the Foreign Office of Bangladesh will lag behind any of the Foreign Offices of the world. He concluded by noting that the knowledge, wisdom, patriotism, dedication, determination and enthusiasm of the young officers will shape the future of Bangladesh.
Young diplomats of the Ministry especially the officers at the rank of Senior Assistant Secretary and Assistant Secretary participated in the meeting with great enthusiasm and expressed their opinions and ideas on various issues.
Director General (ICT & ITIT) Dr. Syed Muntasir Mamun moderated the meeting. Director General (Administration), Director General (General Services) and other high officials of the Ministry attended the meeting.