Bangladesh donated relief materials for earthquake hit Afghanistan

Bangladesh donated relief materials for earthquake hit Afghanistan

Dhaka July 5 2022 :

Relief materials sent for earthquake hit Afghanistan were successfully handed over.

Afghanistan expressed their gratitude to Bangladesh for the assistance which is a manifestation of Bangladesh Prime Minister’s commitment to collective prosperity of South Asia and its people.

Providing humanitarian assistance to Bangladesh for the people of Afghanistan affected by the earthquake

A strong earthquake on June 22 in eastern Afghanistan killed thousands of people, seriously injured more than 2,000 and completely destroyed hundreds of homes.

The quake caused food and water crisis, housing crisis and lack of emergency medical services. In this context, the Government of Bangladesh has taken initiative to send a significant amount of dry food (biscuits, noodles, powdered milk), blankets, tents and medicines to the Government of Afghanistan on an urgent basis as humanitarian assistance.

The relief supplies sent to the people of Afghanistan in response to the catastrophic earthquake were collected from the Armed Forces Department, the state-owned Essential Drugs Company Limited, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), Pran-RFud L.G. Done.

The relief materials are being sent under the overall supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the active participation and cooperation of the Armed Forces. The relief supplies will be delivered to Afghanistan by a special Air Force C-130J aircraft and handed over to the Afghan government.

Bangladesh has historical ties with Afghanistan. During the Great War of Liberation in 1971, the then Afghan government and the general public provided special assistance for the safe movement of Bangladeshis stranded in Pakistan. Based on this historic link in the relationship and the Prime Minister’s policy of integrated development, one crore rupees has already been sent to the UN OCHA from the relevant budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help the people of Afghanistan cope with the recent political turmoil.

It is to be noted that in the past, Bangladesh has provided relief by responding swiftly following the Prime Minister’s policy of compassion in dealing with natural disasters and any other humanitarian disasters in South Asian countries.

Earlier, in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophic floods in Pakistan and the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the Bangladesh government’s emergency relief and medical assistance was widely praised by the people and governments of the two countries. Bangladesh has also sent emergency medicine to Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and India during the Covid-19 emergency. Emergency medicine has recently been sent as a grant in the wake of the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. As a result, Bangladesh’s role in the international arena, including in neighboring South Asia, has been widely praised.