Putin talks over phone with Narendra Modi
Putin talks over phone with Narendra Modi
Dhaka July 1 2022 :
As agreed at the BRICS Summit on June 23–24, Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of the Republic of India Narendra Modi on July 01.

The leaders had a detailed discussion of topical issues of Russian-Indian relations and focused on the subsequent development of mutually beneficial economic ties. They were pleased to note a substantial increase in bilateral trade volumes, including mutual deliveries of agricultural produce.
Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi voiced their mutual commitment to strengthening the specially privileged strategic partnership between Russia and India.
At the request of Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin gave an update on the key aspects of Russia’s ongoing special military operation and underscored the dangerous and provocative nature of the approach of the Kiev regime and its Western patrons to escalate the crisis and torpedo efforts to resolve it by political and diplomatic methods.
They reviewed in detail the situation in the global food market. Vladimir Putin drew attention to systemic mistakes by a number of countries that disrupted the entire system of free trade in foodstuffs and provoked substantial price hikes.
The illegitimate anti-Russia sanctions have compounded the already complicated situation. The very same factors have also impacted the global energy market.
The President also noted that Russia had been and remained a reliable producer and supplier of grain crops, fertiliser and energy carriers to Indian partners, among others.
Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi agreed to continue their personal contacts and interaction at other levels.