However, the result often turns out to be worse than planned without proper presentation and integration since new employees take a long time to achieve optimal productivity. Additionally, this is a perfect opportunity to let affiliates choose whether or not they want to meet you individually. Learn about the latest developments in the industry affiliate onboarding and Trackier’s tools. Fast pace your growth in the industry with our tailored attribution solutions. Frequent check-ins can detect and resolve issues before they have a chance to snowball into larger problems. Spending my days writing marketing content, cycling around canals in Amsterdam and attempting to master the Dutch language.

  • Affiliates, including Contingent Workers and Volunteers, are required to complete hiring documents and other steps in order to complete their HR onboarding with the university.
  • Satisfied affiliates may share data by word of mouth with other potential project participants who are just thinking about applying.
  • Have marketing materials readily available for affiliates so they can begin promoting right away.
  • Since we don’t require such restrictive documentation, the process is exceedingly swift.
  • You’re a business owner — why spend time on designing creative when you can be focused on revenue generation?
  • You want to avoid overwhelming new participants with confusing jargon or overly technical explanations.

If partners are satisfied and motivated, they can put more effort into promoting your products. Spend time creating affiliate communications channels and materials that will eventually be helpful to create a great affiliate onboarding experience. After an affiliate has successfully finished the onboarding process and received their first conversion or commission check, you ought to send them a survey. Initially you can do this yourself, but as the number of affiliates in your program grows, you can also set up a mentorship system so experienced partners can help new members get started.

Start Building Your Affiliate Program

Along with the affiliate’s primary contact information, it can also list the campaigns it is mostly focused on. Affiliates’ capacity to successfully market your brand and refer paying clients will be determined by how you onboard them. This blog will help you simplify the procedure of onboarding new affiliates and the 5 best features for affiliate onboarding for your business. Remember, not all of your affiliates may be familiar with industry-specific terms. It also helps ensure that everyone is on the same page about your program, products, and expectations. A key factor in successful onboarding is making sure affiliates have everything they need to be successful.

As we’ve said throughout this article, affiliate onboarding is all about preparing affiliates for success. This means routinely checking in to provide them with everything they need. In addition to having a dedicated email, you may also want to add a time to meet affiliates face-to-face through free video conferencing.

affiliate onboarding

This is where the right affiliate marketing software is going to more than cover its investment . When an affiliate clicks the share button, they’ll be redirected to their social media profile where they can post an editable template with their affiliate link. Many affiliates love this model because they don’t have to wait for the sale to be made. They might get lower affiliate commissions, but the payout is more immediate, helping them to build their revenues. Affiliate onboarding is a part of affiliate marketing campaigns that’s sometimes underestimated.

Awesome Products Start with an Awesome Team.

While your program remains small, it might be possible to export CSV files and pay your affiliates through PayPal or Stripe, but as it grows, this can become a nightmare. What you want is an integrated payouts service that lets you pay affiliates in just a few clicks. All you have to do is integrate your form builder with AffiliateWP by opening the setup wizard. Choose the forms you want to pay a commission on, and let your affiliates know about the new incentive. However, you can use affiliate marketing automation to get the conversation started and maintain communication from time to time. When you complete AffiliateWP’s setup wizard, an Affiliate Area page will automatically be created on your website.

Again, this is something where you want to have some level of manual control as part of affiliate fraud. It’s good practice to check over your payments and make sure they’re legitimate, but you need it to be a simple process. Remember that ultimately, affiliates want sales as much as you do, so any way you help them achieve this is beneficial.

Personalize the experience

This allows you to customize your affiliate dashboard and add your own personalized tabs which are perfect for onboarding. Once you’ve downloaded the plug-in, you’ll see a new tab in your AffiliateWP settings titled Affiliate Area Tabs – click the button to start editing your affiliate dashboard. Having a roadmap gives your recruits greater confidence by making the affiliate onboarding process go more smoothly, but it also ensures they don’t have to reach you with every query or concern.

This makes it easy for them to respond to you with questions or concerns if they haven’t already. Use the affiliate onboarding to find out about your affiliates’ business and work together with them to build the perfect landing page that’s going to earn sales for both of you. Well, good affiliate marketing is a process, and one of the most important parts of that process is your affiliate onboarding. Announce and promote your new affiliate partnership across your own social media and email channels. Communicate regularly with affiliates and provide detailed feedback on your work; ask them also to voice all the pros and cons of your marketing program. You are not interested in your partners going bankrupt and stopping working with you.

Set up Communication Channels

Implement a process in which the affiliate’s department is able to gather any needed information and complete the forms on their own. It’s also important to make the distinction between affiliate and the brand they’re promoting, so guidelines for disclaimers will have to be communicated up-front as well. Now that you’ve gathered the sample content, it’s time to review all of the information you have on them and make a decision as to whether or not they are a good fit. Research from Business Insider suggests that affiliate marketing is responsible for driving up to 16% of all U.S. eCommerce sales. If you notice your affiliate’s engagement is declining, you need to inquire about the reason for the disconnection.

affiliate onboarding

” in regards to affiliates signing up and promoting your products or services. While affiliate onboarding can be an exciting time, it can also be stressful. You are, after all, making an important business decision based on trust and your belief in what your new promotional products organization can offer you.

How to Automate Your Affiliate Program in WordPress (Step-by-Step)

Once an affiliate is signed up , they will receive a welcome email with their referral link and temporary password.

affiliate onboarding

This survey should be focused primarily on the signup and onboarding process. With AffiliateWP, you can build your own affiliate onboarding process and use it to improve the performance of your affiliates. Just choose the pricing plan that best suits your needs, and follow this detailed guide on how to set up a successful affiliate marketing program. Whether you’re a pro or a WordPress beginner, it will only take you a couple of minutes. When you first launch your affiliate program you might think , “we have built it – now they will come!

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Delivery Marketing & Payout Materials

Our creative team can take care of your marketing needs ranging from various ads to lead-generating email marketing and more. Another great way to get started with this is to create a personalized landing page for each affiliate using our affiliate landing pages pro-add-on. This is a huge sign that you’re invested in the relationship and a great opportunity to collaborate with your affiliate during the onboarding process. One of the fundamental components of success in affiliate marketing is onboarding.

Showing that you are personally interested in dealing may increase your partner’s effort in promoting your brand. Initially, it would help if you controlled the activities of new counterparties on your own, and over time, you may implement a mentoring system when experienced partners help newcomers. Create a bonus or commission-boosting incentive scheme that offers affiliates the chance to generate conversions within the first 30 days of joining your program or so. One of the most important things you can do in your onboarding process is stick to plain language.

Help Your Affiliates Make their First Sale

Below is an email widget that has been auto-populated with the applicant’s email address, alongside a template email notifying them of their unsuccessful application. Below you will find an auto-filled email widget, with your new affiliate’s email address and a template message congratulating them. Make a decision, and record whether the applicant was successful or unsuccessful in the form field below. By taking users through their first sale, you can discover and fix problems with their marketing strategies, ensuring better results in the future.

The last thing you want to be doing is paying out for fraudulent affiliate transactions, which is why AffiliateWP offers comprehensive fraud prevention. Generating a referral URLAll they have to do is paste a URL for one of the pages on your website into the generator, and it will automatically turn it into their own unique affiliate link. If your website runs on WordPress, then the best affiliate management plugin is AffiliateWP. However, the outcomes are frequently worse than planned without a proper onboarding procedure since new staff take longer to create results. UpPromote Dashboard, there is a section right below where you can chat with your affiliates, communicating with them is much more convenient when you expect to exchange information fast. With an affiliate user feedback survey, you get granular, qualitative, data points that will help steer any changes you want to make in your program now or in the future.

Each new affiliate you bring into your program will have unique skills and strengths. Some might have a lot of experience being part of an affiliate program, and it might be the first time for others. Think about where they’re coming from, the affiliate’s normal work pace, and ways you can get them comfortable with various aspects of the program. Onboarding helps your new inductees become familiar with the ins and outs of your affiliate program. It’s an opportunity to educate affiliates about the goals set for their participation in the program and the expectations for promotional efforts. You can’t be manually checking transactions, and messing around with spreadsheets because your time is valuable.