Akramul Hasan should discuss the post of general secretary in the committee of Juba Dal.

Monir Hossain shawonঃ Akramul Hasan, former general secretary of Chhatra Dal Central Parliament and one of the members of the BNP executive committee, is one of the few leaders of the young generation of BNP who have been able to create their own cadre with their talents, skills and qualifications.
There is no alternative to the organizer to keep the organization safe. Akramul Hasan has been able to create thousands of young BNP leaders and activists and supporters across the country. Akramul Hasan has been able to create a position of his own among the young generation of leaders and workers of the BNP because he has been able to join the workers and listen to their joys and sorrows.He is accused of more than 150 political false cases. He has spent months and months in jail. He has spent countless nights in police torture and remand.During the caretaker government of Fakhruddin Moinuddin, who was backed by the army of One-Eleven, when the Zia family was in the final stages of preparation for persecution, he went to Dhaka University as a general student leader.
Zia has played a courageous role in organizing the Chhatra Dal on behalf of the Zia family.Akramul Hasan was uncompromising on the issue of Zia family when the government was organizing the formation of reformist student party on the campus even in the final stage of breaking up BNP during the difficult times of One-Eleven.
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Sheikh Mujib Hall is the President of Chhatra Dal at Dhaka University, Senior Joint Secretary of Dhaka University Chhatra Dal and Joint General Secretary of Chhatra Dal Central Parliament. He was given the responsibility of the general secretary of the central committee of Chhatra Dal.Akramul Hasan has played a courageous role in eradicating the culture of not having committees in the organization including the halls of Dhaka University before he became the general secretary of Chhatra Dal. The Chhatra Dal of that time was able to form district committees in 117 out of 120 district committees across the country.Very few leaders like him have been able to establish a strong link between the grassroots leaders and the central leaders in the politics of the Chhatra Dal.There are many leaders in the BNP but very few efficient organizers, only a handful of workers are created through them. Has turned.
Standing on board at SSC-HSC, Akramul Hasan, a meritorious student in the accounting department at Oxford Dhaka University in the East, could have easily lived a very comfortable and luxurious life in a secure profession outside of politics if he had wanted to. Start the journey on the way.The heart-wrenching love that nationalist families across the country have received for moving forward on this difficult path of politics is the strength, motivation and support of their future path. The party needs to give him an opportunity to use his political capacity.
Chhatra Dal under the leadership of Akramul Hasan started normal political activities in the sweet canteen of Dhaka University after a long period which is still going on. When Deshnayak Tareq Rahman wanted to know the role of Chhatra Dal in participating in Daksu elections, despite the opposition of most of the leaders and activists, he really played an important role in the decision of Deshnayak Tareq Rahman to participate in Daksu elections.As a result of going to Daksu, Chhatra Dal is still able to do normal politics on campus. There is no chance to deny the role of Akramul Hasan. At the end of his term as the general secretary of Chhatra Dal, he is working on the implementation of the instructions of Deshnayak Tareq Rahman to form a youth dependent Chhatra Dal without thinking about his next political post. Yet his day begins with appearing in court cases. He is always active in implementing the party’s program.Spend the whole day with organization and organization. That is what Akramul Hasan means as a full time political activist.

The next battle of BNP will be the battle of existence. The parliamentary elections of Bangladesh will be held in 2023 at a time when BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia is under house arrest, Deshnayak Tareq Rahman is in exile and a false case has been filed against 35 lakh leaders and activists.Cases. There are domestic and foreign conspiracies. The only way to get rid of the situation that Bangladesh is facing today is the highway.