Bangladesh is a country of infinite potential : Foreign Minister

Bangladesh is a country of infinite potential : Foreign Minister


Dhaka February 6 2022 :


Foreign Minister Dr. A K Abdul Momen today said Bangladesh is a country of enormous potential and that may be utilised for branding our country around the world.

The Foreign Minister made this remark while speaking as the chief guest at the event titled ‘the World Conference Series 2022 on Branding Bangladesh’ organised by the ‘Centre for the Non Resident Bangladeshi’ at a hotel in Dhaka on February 5 2022.

“Our desire is to establish ‘Bangladesh’ itself as a brand. We want our stories to be echoed in every corner of the world. When people hear the word Bangladesh, I want them to see a country of infinite potential and of an unimaginable depth – richly layered in the colours of human emotions and gallantly endowed in human spirit,” said the minister.

Mentioning the ongoing advancement of the country Dr. Momen said we are passing through the golden Jubilee of the Glorious War of Liberation and we are heading towards the completion of the auspicious Mujib Borsho. 

“Under the determined leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we are steadily marching towards a future which the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had dreamt of and three million souls had laid down their lives for,” he said.

Speaking about the actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Momen said Economic and public diplomacy play a cardinal role in formulating and executing the foreign policy of Bangladesh. 

The Foreign Minister said, the government is working on the five components of economic diplomacy, “the agreements is Enhancing FDI inflow and diversification of portfolio; Enhancing and diversifying export; Quality Service; Export of Human Resources and human expertise – or global service sector deliveries and Transfer, assimilation, indigenization and augmentation of Technology.”

Dr. Momen said Ministry of Foreign Affairs – is already working with the BIDA – Bangladesh Investment Development Authority for designing a solid branding initiative for the country. 

“We would like you to contact the international trade, investment and technology wing of the foreign ministry for more details and for finding more opportunities to work together,” said the minister.

“We wish to dive deep into the world of brands and the branding ecosystems so that the consumers get the value they paid for. We are working for a sustainable and inclusive economy that is being augmented with improved access to information, investor bases and asset classes,” he said.


The Foreign Minister said branding is an essential sub-component of Economic Diplomacy. Economic diplomacy has always been at the heart of the core activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

“We are pursuing a very consolidated approach towards the economic domain of diplomacy in recent times. The approach is multi-pronged, multi-spatial and multi-temporal. We have been working with the relevant Ministries and investment promotion bodies. We have been engaging the Federations and other Trade Bodies both within the country and also the bilateral joint forums; and last but not the least, we have established a dedicated cell for international trade, investment and technology inside the Foreign Office to coordinate our domestic and foreign endeavours for better results,” he said. 

Describing huge potential of the country the Foreign Minister said that there is a huge scope for the both domestic and foreign investment and entrepreneurial initiatives and investments in Bangladesh. 

“It is true for both portfolio investments and for various funds, to invest in some of the lesser-known but economically firm emerging areas, such as but not limited to, agro-processing, automobiles, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, information and communication technology and blue economy. We are on the way to becoming a digital economy and we aim to become a knowledge economy by 2041,” said the minister.

Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr Mashiur Rahman, State Minister for Planning Dr Shamsul Alam, Chief of Army Staff General S M Shafiuddin Ahmed, Mayor of Croydon, UK, Cllr. Sherwan Chowdhury, Physician to the Prime Minister Dr. A B M Abdullah, Director General of BMET Md Shahidul Alam, General Manager of Bangladesh Bank Kazi Rafiqul Hassan, among others, spoke at the event with Chairperson of Center for Non Resident Bangladeshi in the chair. Speeches given by President and Prime Minister were read out at the programme.