Women entrepreneurship is an untapped resource : Christine Johansson
Women entrepreneurship is an untapped resource : Christine Johansson
Dhaka December 11 2021 :
In Bangladesh this is immensely important as women constitute half of the workforce and women’s economic empowerment is crucial for gender equality.
Sweden has funded the Women’s Economic Empowerment through Strengthening Market Systems (WEESMS) project for the last 5 years with 60 million SEK.
The project promotes women’s entrepreneurship and creates an enabling environment for women to access formal and informal productive employment with decent working conditions in Rangpur and Khulna divisions of Bangladesh, says a recent release.
“To advocate for gender equality at home, at a community level, and in the workplace has been important to address discriminatory social norms which often hinder women’s participation in economic activities. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, I had a chance to visit some of the project’s sites and productive activities in the Rangpur district which was encouraging.
The gender-sensitive training increased the understanding and support from families of women that undertake economic activities”, said Christine Johansson, Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka, when she participated in a workshop arranged through the project, followed by a craft fair at Lakeshore Hotel, Gulshan Dhaka on December 10 2021..