President for spreading ideals of late Speaker Humayun Rashid Chowdhury among new generation

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President for spreading ideals of late Speaker Humayun Rashid Chowdhury among new generation


DHAKA, Nov 11, 2021 (BSS) –

President M Abdul Hamid today called upon all concerned to spread ideals, courageous works, perseverance and foresightedness of late Speaker Humayun Rashid Chowdhury among the news generation.

“It is the time to spread the ideology of Humayun Rashid Chowdhury among the new generation right now . . . We have to take lessons from his life,” the President said, virtually attending the 94th birth anniversary discussion, organized by “Speaker Humayun Rashid Chowdhury Smriti Parishad” from Bangabhaban through video message.

The head of the state hoped that the Speaker Humayun Rashid Chowdhury Smriti Parishad would convey his lifestyle to the new generation and they (new generation) would glorify their lives by learning from his colorful life.

Recalling his innumerable successes in his colorful career with due respect, Abdul Hamid said this great man was a diplomat, bureaucrat and politician at the same time.

He said that when the War of Liberation started in Bangladesh, he left Pakistan with immense courage and established contacts in more than 40 countries for formation of public opinion and recognition of Bangladesh.

Speaker Humayun Rashid Chowdhury was a short-lived great man, he said, adding that Chowdhury became Bangladesh’s first ambassador to Germany in 1982.

On 15 August 1975, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was brutally murdered by his assailants and his family at his Dhanmondi 32 No residence.

The President said many politicians, bureaucrats, intellectuals and opportunists tried to get on the new boat wherever they could.  But Humayun Rashid Chowdhury risked his career by sending his own car and brought the Bangabandhu’s two surviving children to his residence in Germany.

The President said Humayun Rashid Chowdhury was a man different character.  Neither greed nor the risk of life could deviate him from justice and ideals, he added.

“He (late speaker) did not sell his conscience,” he added.

Bangabandhu’s two daughters were safe in his shelter for six days from August 15 to August 21, giving them mental strength and courage.

Abdul Hamid said he had arranged political asylum for Bangabandhu’s daughters in Delhi.

The President said that this incomparable contribution of the late Speaker Humayun Rashid Chowdhury in the day of extreme danger will never be forgotten.  His actions and principles would never die, the President said.

“Humayun Rashid Chowdhury is not with us today . . . but he is in our hearts.  The late Humayun Rashid Chowdhury will live among us forever through his deeds.  His memory will live on in us forever,” Hamid mentioned in an emotion chocked voice.

The President hoped that his boundless courage and principles will spread from generation to generation.

Minister for Liberation War Affairs AKM Mozammel Haque, MP, former Principal  Secretary Md Najibur Rahman and key speaker of discussion Iftekhar Ahmad Chowdhury, among others, were  present on the occasion.