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How E4 AMOLED display is redefining our viewing experience

How E4 AMOLED display is redefining our viewing experience


Dhaka November 22 2021 :


Smartphones are now a part and parcel of our lives. Especially the young professionals cannot imagine a single day without their smartphones because they not only multi-task with their device, but also get themselves immersed in a world of fun and entertainment after a long hectic day. So, which aspect of the smartphone actually matters most to the users? You admit it or not – it’s the screen or display of the smartphone that is important in every way. Because as a user you keep looking at the screen for a significant portion of the day and it’s the display that can cause eye strain, headache and fatigue if it’s (display) not up to the mark.

That’s why, smartphone brands have been straining every nerve and plowing back their revenue into innovations so that they can always come up with a technology that will enhance the user experience. One such recent technological innovation is the introduction of E4 AMOLED display on the smartphones. After it hit the market, many smartphone brands are now using E4 AMOLED display while manufacturing new smartphones. So, what is it actually and why is it different?

To put it in plain words, E4 indicates a new kind of materials that is being used for developing organic light-emitting diode displays. This kind of display produces an improved brightness for the users and is capable of reaching a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. As E4 is a new generation of materials, AMOLED displays having this offer so many benefits to the smartphone users.

First, E4 AMOLED displays can result in higher brightness levels and improved contrast. These displays can reach an improved brightness of 1,500 nits, in contrast to 1,200 nits of the previous generation. The interesting fact about such display is that the higher level of brightness will not cause eye strain or any other problem. Rather the users can enjoy their viewing experience without any fatigue.

Moreover, while watching movies, video or gaming, color saturation is of utmost importance to the users. For such avid users, E4 AMOLED displays results in color accuracy so that they can enjoy and watch whatever they want to with comfort and fun. While doing all these, these displays will not consume power much, as E4 AMOLED display has been designed to save power in the process.

All these make E4 AMOLED display a perfect companion for smartphones as it creates a perfect screen for the smartphone aficionados. Recently, many smartphone brands are resorting to such display for creating better and enhanced smartphone experience for the users. Youth-centric brand realme has recently launched their new flagship killer phone from GT Series – realme GT NEO 2 – that comes equipped with E4 AMOLED display. With the brightest and most color-accurate display ever, GT NEO 2 produces an unmatched viewing experience.

Smartphones facilitated with E4 AMOLED display are perfect for audio-visual and gaming scenarios. So, if you are looking for a smartphone that will deliver immersive viewing and gaming experience, one coming with E4 AMOLED display is the way to go.