US declares 14m more COVID vaccine doses for Bangladesh: Momen 


US declares 14m more COVID vaccine doses for Bangladesh: Momen 


DHAKA, Nov 12, 2021 (BSS) –


Foreign Minister Dr Abdul Momen today
disclosed that the United States (US) has decided to provide 14 million more
doses of Pfizer vaccines to Bangladesh under COVAX framework.

“Good news is, the US administration has declared another 14 million
Pfizer vaccines for Bangladesh under COVAX,” he said in a message to media
from France today.

Dr Momen along with foreign ministers of 25 countries participated a High-
level Ministerial Virtual Meeting on Covid-19 and beyond, moderated by US
Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Bangladesh foreign minister demanded the vaccines to
be made public good affordable to all countries.

He also urged to encourage pharmaceutical companies like that of
Bangladesh to produce COVID jabs locally.

Dr Momen informed the meeting that Bangladesh has already inoculated 32
million people with double doses and 46 million with first dose while the
country needs more jabs to vaccinate at least 80% of its 165 million people.

The Bangladesh foreign minister also informed the meeting that infection
rate in Bangladesh now is around one percent.


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