The International Congress of Mathematicians to be held on July 6-14 2022
The International Congress of Mathematicians to be held on July 6-14 2022
Dhaka October 28 2021 :
The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) will be held on July 6-14, 2022 at the EXPOFORUM Exhibition Center in St. Petersburg (Russia) by the decision of the International Mathematical Union.
It is included in the national project “Science and Universities”. Holding the Congress in Russia is intended to enhance the integration of international mathematical centers into the world scientific community, to help attract new Russian and foreign partners to cooperation.
This is the most significant meeting in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics around the world and one of the oldest scientific congresses. The first ICM was held in 1897 in Zurich (Switzerland). In the entire history of ICM Russia will host the Congress for the second time, and the first time was in 1966 in Moscow.
The Moscow Congress set a new high score for the number of participants at that time – 4280. The decision to hold ICM2022 in St. Petersburg was made in 2018 at the Congress in Brazil.
The application was submitted by Russia (St. Petersburg) and France (Paris). Petersburg won with an advantage of 83:63 votes. The aim of ICM is to present the widest possible spectrum of modern mathematics, including all scientific directions and mathematical schools from different geographic regions, and, thus, to determine the future directions of the development of mathematics.
Guest speakers at ICM are mathematicians of the highest level, capable of presenting current research trends to a wide audience.
The ICM program includes a very wide range of activities, including plenary and invited lectures, panel discussions, public lectures, educational events for a wide audience, short messages, poster presentations and more.